Aug 26, 2019 • 8M

Before you take that Job or Side-gig. Listen to this! (Part 1)

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Tobi Akinpelu
Contents and Insights for entrepreneurs and software engineers to become better and earn much more.
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What exactly are we learning programming for? (This is a podcast, plug in, click pay and listen)

You’ll be correct if you say to provide value and create solutions. But nothing is free. Even salvation is not, someone paid for it. A value not appropriately compensated only leads to frustration.

In this episode, I will be introducing a new topic which talks about experiences of software engineers dealign with (stressful, but low paying clients), how to spot them and avoid dealings with such.

Not dealing this scenario kills developer’s morale than any other thing. Learn from the pain and scars of others!

This is an introductory talk, next episode will be explaining the how(s). If you’d love to listen to more of this helpful content, kindly subscribe, and you’d get it in your email every time it’s being released.