Sep 23, 2019 • 11M

Levelling up as a software engineer [Episode 5]

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Tobi Akinpelu
Contents and Insights for entrepreneurs and software engineers to become better and earn much more.
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If you missed the previous episode, by Hillel Coren, Google Dev Expert: Listen here

What and how long does it take to become a Senior Software Engineer? If this type of question pops in your mind, trust me - you’re not alone.

In this episode I talked about the things we do, that seems like opportunities but are actually stunting our growth as engineers. And how to avoid them, in a very short and concise form.

This podcast is very data-bundle friendly, and you will be getting value to almost no-cost to you.


1) Onstage with Androidmaven’s Podcast is now on apple podcast, stitchers and pocket cast. We hope to reach more people and help all software engineers as we can find.

2) We now have our official logo, below. What Inspired this design? The dots are the people everywhere, left and right. The O is onstage - connecting the dots(people) to contents and insights they need.