If music be the food of love…

He struck the cord…..

Then It began;


the rapid pattering of the dancers’ feet

the sensual sways of the hands to the beat

the hums that are too beautiful to speak, yes, to speak

the short bursts of claps that sounds bleak…in the noise

(new verse)

the dancers heard the cord

as it called through the winds so still

filled with emotions, pure like new birth

they headed, pattering their feet to sweet melody

(new verse)

swaying rhythmically to the harmony,

they locked hands, even locked hearts

solacing in the smooth do-mi-fa cadence

for in each other’s arms, do they find solace

--line break--

He struck the cord…

(new verse)

Words became deeds

As realities join the troupe in rhythm

With hums that seem discordant, yet powerful

And emotions rise in fallacious crescendo

(new verse)

In the coda, its quiet, quite quiet

You can hear the heart speak

You can feel the gentle monster

You can love, and love more

--line break--

Then, he struck the cord…

(new verse)

The dancers are filled with a burst

Of newness and everything but lust

As they freestyle to the joyful acoustic

Locked together in eternal bliss

(new verse)

The music goes on and on

Rising rhythmically and falling high

Luring dancers far and wide

Played by the incessant musician: life

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Blooms fast, happily gone?

New Year.....lol

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Mar 5Liked by Tobi Akinpelu

every smile has its meaning

and every song it's lyrics

for as the moon has the sun to give it light

so does the stars trust the galaxies to hold them tight

Surely, The Rain needs the sun to evaporate it's pour

The cloud, a light to make it bright.

the Galaxy is constullation of bodies

each serving a unique purpose

take for example:

The distance between earth and sun is enormous

yet, Earth needs the sun to light it's evergreen forests.

it's amazing how we all exist in separate bodies,

yet we need one another morethan we know

this is also seen between two hearts beating distinctively

yet they cluster together to form a union called love

we are both two separate beings

melted into one big body...

called love!


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