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a poem is not poem enough

untill it carries the element of the poet who begets the poem.

What is a poet without a poem?

for a poem does not exist until a poet exist.

I write about a poet who begets a poem.

a poem that carries the stories of poet

a poem for every poem that was written

This is a poem for a poem.

for there's a poet for every poem

I am the personification of "poetry"!

For I exist in every element that writes

Every element that scribbles

Every element that soliloquies

For God is a poet!

He scribbles, He writes,

he soliloquies-

Ismail Moses.

I think this old but gold poem of mine is the perfect answer here!

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Ismail, I read your poem again. and again. This is brilliant.

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Jun 4, 2023Liked by Tobi Akinpelu

Cheers to my own contribution of this circle!


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Absolutely. A Poem is a person being known via the hands.

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