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First of I missed being here🥹

While reading the story I couldn't help but imagine the environment each character will be in the story... Lol, the picture at the top was a booster.

I like how the story is somewhat related to the Bible story but this time I was told in an imaginative way about power and beauty.

Queen Sheeba’s Beauty and Power VS King Solomon’s Power and Wisdom

My guess, episode two will be about Queen Sheeba testing King Solomon.

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This poem is well written, imaginary and so relatable. Feels like I’m hearing the story of Solomon and Queen of Sheba newly but in a very interesting way.

If Queen of Sheba has many unicorns in her chambers and King Solomon is a stallion with 400 angelic beings then the combination of the two will definitely be a BOMB!

I feel like the Queen of Sheba could have been tempted to send secret love note to King Solomon at some point. Might be one of those secrets the Sparrow bird was asked to keep.

The good news at the end might be King Solomon reciprocating her love with one of the books in Songs of Solomon! Ah ah!

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Being a poet means being able to find simplicity and meaning in even the most difficult choices…I believe the simple one suits you more…

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Reading this was like attempting to read something engrossing only to realize you are reading a poem that is tied to a moving truck but you are unable to stop reading because it has captured your attention. And I'm hoping to witness the moving object that gently falls into the void again sometime.

What I expect next has been well visualized by @Grace

I look forward to episode 2!

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This is the best read I have had all week long!

a beautiful story/Poem written with so much mastery and imaginative power

The Author(Tobi Akinpelu) brought a new feel to an old story that has been shared through countless generations

I am pretty sure, this is the most captivating way this story has ever been told

My eyes and mind are fixed on what’s to come(Episode 2)

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I liked that you mixed the story with different expressions, that made it even more more interesting.

"They say

He has four hundred


yet the

horse is still standing." 🤣🤣🤣

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Great writing.

I like the news bearer: A man, loyal, observant, animal lover, knows his job, consistent, wise (delivers the news in a way to keep his head),and more.

Sometimes I feel that what drives 'man' to acquire more wealth is not always greed. Its the news of someone/something greater. We would be satisfied if we were the best, but no, if we hear of someone greater.

John the Baptist beat this deep human nature.....

Can't wait for Episode 2.

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