Piano Relaxation Session: Not to Worry.

The first of its kind. A fusion of Piano and Poems By Tobi.

Today is on a different gbasgbos. Today is totally different from the way it has been. Aside from the confrontation that Tobi Akinpelu is a state of the art where you find the content of the highest quality possible, for us, it is a Joy to share experiences that put us back to the centre of the universe.

Poems are one way. Music is another way. Painting is another. It is vital to find our means of creative expression if not for any other reason but for the reason to exist, i.e. a reason to want to live.

I hope this music goes beyond fun and relaxation. I hope it surpasses inspiration. I hope it is a Usain bolt that goes in front of what even I, Tobi, would comprehend the impact it has on listeners.

You may not believe it, but this is the first time I’d be sharing a musical piece to the public with my voice in it, so, I’d appreciate your reviews in the comment section. This is the kind of moment that people tag as “Do it regardless”.

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